13 15 yo bbs
13 15 yo bbs

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Related post: Date: tiny bbs tgp Mon, 27 Jan 2003 09:37:54 -0800 From: Collin Dantry Subject: Queer Life in Llanview- Chapter 1Thanks for reading my story guys. I'm a big fan of OLTL. These characters are the sole property of ABC and I have no idea if anyone associated bbs wheels motorsport beautiful girls bbs with this show is gay, although it is a sopa opera so the odds are good. None of these actors I use or their characters are gay as far as I know. If your not 18 please do not read this and go hang out bbs photo young in a chat room where you will be girl ass bbs petite teenager bbs cp safe...lol. Enjoy the story and if you like email me. I have more to come. erostoryluverhotmail.comQueer Life in Llanview Al had just seen Jessica zeps bbs list off and he was feeling pretty down. Between realizing what an evil witch Jen is and having Jessica, his best friend since forever, move away, he was feeling pretty down. Luckily everyone was out of the house, so he could brood alone. As he got to his bedroom, he realized the house was empty. Al flopped down on his bed, letting out a long sigh, and then closed his eyes for a moment. He rested for a moment and then poo poomix bbs looked over at his desk to see if his answering machine light was blinking. It was. Al got up, feeling tired and achy, and walked over to his desk. He looked down at paradise bbs the flashing number 2 on his machine. He pressed the play button, hoping that they were just telemarketers. ....Hey Al, this is Chad. Sorry to bother you man. I was just calling to see if you had that book for the class we talked about. I really need to get a copy of it. Call me back on my cell, as soon as you get home. Hope your having a cool holiday. Later man... ...Hey son....I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot lately, but I just talked to your mom and she said ya'll had a nice evening together. I had to run to New York tonight for a meeting early illegal girls bbs boards in the morning. I wanted to give xxx bbs porn you some peace and quiet so I convinced Roxy to stay at boy bbs photo the Plaza teenie bbs board for the next day or two. Enjoy your time alone. Love you son.Al sighed at the last message. He and his dad had been getting closer and closer. He was sad that his dad wasn't there today, but giving him some peace cp bbs forum and quiet more than made up model pics bbs for it. Al could use a teenie model bbs ls few days to sort some stuff out, not to mention get ready for bbs guide elweb school starting again. Al also made a note to call Chad tomorrow and get the book to him.Al stripped out of his slacks and dress shirt leaving him in a pair of gray Abercrombie boxer briefs. They fit his ass and package so perfectly. Al stood in front of his little girl bbs top mirror, rubbing his muscles trying to work to the kinks out. He bent over and pulled a pair of jogging pants out of his bottom drawer and a old white wife beater out of the drawer next to it. He slipped both on, and he realized how much his chest had filled out since he started working out. The tank top gripped his chest and revealed every little muscle.Al walked into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water, and then went into the living room to try to find a movie to watch. As he sat down and clicked the tv on with the remote, the door bell rang."Ah blackcat scans bbs fuck bbs teens nude it man. Who the hell could that be?" Al sighedHe grunted as he got up and walked to the door."Who is it?""It's Chad man, let me in, it's fucking freezing out here." came from the other side of the doorAl rolled his eyes and unbolted the door. Al looked out to see Chad standing in a running suit with a heavy jacket shaking in his doorway. Chad quickly stepped in while rubbing his hands together."Hey man, sorry to drop by like this, but I was driving by and saw your car. I figured I'd see if you were actually home. Did you imgboard cgi bbs get my message?""yeah I did, just a sec and I'll grab the book" Al said as very young nudist bbs he headed for his bedroomAl had gotten to his doorway when he realized Chad was following him. This annoyed hiim even more. Al bbs toplist illegal found the book and took some papers out of it and turned around to see Chad had laid down on his bed."Just make yourself comfortable man. geez""Your in sven bbs guide a pissy mood, what;s your problem. Jen fuck you over again?""Yeah, for the last time. I'm done with her Chad. I'd appreciate if you and everyone else would just never bring alfa kidz bbs her up again. It's all over.""I'm glad to hear."Al pass bbs forum adult sat tiny bbs pics down in the chair still rubbing his neck and shoulders. darkcollection bbs jpg Chad looked at Al and saw how his shirt was clinging to his chest. Al pantyhose 12yo bbs had his eyes closed and Chad just looked longingly at Al's lips. Al finally opened his eyes to see Chad looking at him funny."Sorry. little pedo models bbs Chad, it's just been a long day, Didn't mean to bbs 69 porn space out on you.""It's ok. Your muscles sore?""Yeah . I think it's stress""Sorry man, but hey....I've been taking massage therapy classes down at the community center, I could give you a workover if you wanted. I've 13 15 yo bbs been doing massages on the side lately after the Sun internship fell through.""I brazil bbs pictures don;t know.....you wouldn;t mind?""Nah....just strip down to your skivies, and lie on the bed."laughing.."Skivies?" kds pedo bbs xxx more laughing "ok man...just a sec".Chad started pulling off his coat and heavy boots as he watched Al peel off his wife beater and black sweatpants.Chad was almsot drooling at the site of sexy angel bbs free Al's body. free hentai bbs Chad teenie teen bbs wasn't really gay, but had fooled around with soem guys at school and an old bartender at break bar. He even had teen cuties bbs one of Blair's young male secretaries sucking hiim off on a daily basis last month. Al, in only a pair of boxer briefs, looked down at Chad, with a weird look. Chad realized that he was staring a little bit too hard, and decided to actually look at Al's face. Al just gave him a strong questioning look and then laid down on the bed."alright, go top land bbs ahead, I hope those classes at center nn bbs guestbook did some good." Al said with his face buried in a pillow."Don't worry man. It lol pussy fuck bbs will be great. Hey, you have any lotion or baby oil?""What the fuck do you need that shit bbs sites free nude for? ""Cause I don't have any massage oil, and you can't do a massage with dry hands, dork.""Ah...here ya go bro." Al said as he reached over into his nightstand drawer and through Chad a bottle of baby oil.Chad sat next to Al with the bottle in his hand, wondering what Al used this for. A smile crept across Chad's face."It makes my skin soft after I shower." Al said as if reading Chad's mindChad free bbs models pics dribbled a little oil into his hand and then rubbed his hands together to warm up the oil. He juoppojarmo bbs moved up on the bed until he was sitting on his knees next to Al's back. Chad placed his hands onto Al's back and started rubbing his shoulders. Al let out a soft sigh as Chad's hands rubbed across his skin and worked lookse his stressed out muscles. As chad's huge hands wandered all over Al's back, Al's thoughts of Jen, nympets bbs Christian, the baby, Roxy, and his parents all drifted away. All Al could think about was the feeling that Chad's hands was producing. Chad in the mean time was enjoying the feeling of Al's soft skin under his hands. The muscles on Al's back flexed and relaxed under Chad's skilled hands.Soon Chad finished with Al's back and moved down to his bbs teenporn cumshot bbs legs. Al let out a really lola cp bbs list photo model galleries bbs quiet moan as Chad's fingers wrapped around his upper thigh. Al, relaxed as those hands rubbed and manipulated his thighs down to his calves. Chad finally got down to Al's feet and started rubbing them with his oily hands. Chad loved the masculinity of a guys feet. He loved rubbing them, and kissing them, and rubbing his cock on them.....but he was gettinga bit ahead of himself as he rubbed between Al's toes. Chad looked up at Al to see him with his head turned to the side, eyes closed, mouth slightly open breathing hard, and a look of relaxation on his face. Chad let go of Al's foot and started on the other leg.After Chad finished with the last leg, he crawled nudists free bbs back list of bbs porn up to Al bbs teens links and laid hi hand at he back of his neck, slowly and gently massaging it."Hey man...I'm done with the back, go ahead and turn over so I can elwebbs bbs top do the front" Chad whispered lightly only inches from Al's ear."Huh...oh..yeah.....ok.....man...your good." teen girls bbs Al said in child bbs dark breath filled speechAl turned over and gently closed his eyes, unaware that his relation by Chad's hands had also reawakened his sexual needs that he had been forgetting in all his chasing and plotting over Jen. It had been almost two months since he last got some tail from Jen. Chad looked down at a quiet rested Al, with a huge bulge pushing on the grey cotton of his underwear. Chad young bbs sites was almost drooling at the site, which matched the growing bulge in his own child bbs cp jeans.Chad just continued the massage by starting on the chest. Chad was bbs porn fisting really liking the look of Al's pecs and abs. They weren't real musclular but they were trim and defined. Chad hovered his hands over Al's mound for a second and then proceeded to massage Al's legs again. Al pedo bbs illegal forum was sighing more and more now, and seemed to be completely out of it.As Chad was rubbingthe inside of Al's thighs only a few inches from thumbs brazil bbs Al's sack, Chad steadily watched the twitchings and movements of Al's cotton covered cock. Then Chad noticed an slowly darkening spot near the top of the mound. bbs tgp teen porn Chad continued to lightly rub the inside of Al's thighs, moving farther and farther up to the kiddy and bbs porn rim of Al's underwear. There was now a definite wet spot on Al's underwear, so Chad leaned down with his face just above the heaving and twitching mound and inhaled deeply. The smell of AL's sweat , piss vid bbs cock, and bbs preeteens skin was so masculine and invigorating. Chad couldn't take any more and let his hand bbs illegal cp come down to rest on top of Al's dick.It took Al a few seconds teenmodel bbs pic to register that Chad was groping him, and then his eyes flew open and he jumped up from under Chad's grasp."What the young bbs sex fuck are you doin?""You know exactly what I'm doing.....which is exactly what you were wanting.""Hey man, I may be a little frustrated and horny from lack of attention, but I ain't up for no fag bullshit""I know your not a fag, neither am I. I guess I'm kind of bi, but didn't what 14y free pics bbs I was doing feel really good? I mean it got you to start pre-cumming?""Well....yeah..it felt ok, but that shit is just wrong. I can find my own pussy.""Where you gonna find a chick at this time of night willing to jump your bones. Most of the girls at school think your psycho anyway from you stalking Jen."With that, Chad reached models bbs girls over and placed his hand on Al's package again and started to slowly rub it. Al pushed his hand away, but Chad just reached over and put it back as he looked up at Al and gave him a grin. Al looked really serious, but then he looked down at Chad groping him, and a small smirk only cp bbs lo came over him.Al relaxed and moved bbs teens tgp a little closer, giving Chad full access to his underware covered pole. Chad moved in closer and put cp kp bbs tgp his head over AL's dick and inhaled again, letting the smell give him young teens bbs sex an ultimate high.Chad reached sex bbs top under the badn and wrapped his fingers around Al's pole and gently pulled the underware down over it. Al kicked his underware off as Chad began removing his clothes. 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Al, was clawing at the covers lost in the pleasure Chad's tongue was giving him. Then it got better. Chad let Al's nuts fall from his lips and then his tongue worked its way lower into the crevice of Al's ass. Chad gently nudged Al's legs farther apart and a little back. Chad snaked his tongue into the crack of Al's ass and started to black nude bbs gently lick Al's ass. Al, left the planet as Chad's tongue bbs clip probed up inside of him. He had never felt something so wonderful. Chad was loving it too, as he loved the taste of Al's ass. Al's ass was sweaty but clean and had a masculine flavor that Chad loved. Chad's hand was doing its job too, and before long Al grunted and groaned and managed to let Chad know he was getting close.Chad quickly sucked on vombat kp bbs one of his own fingers and then moved back up to where his mouth was hovering over Al's swelling cock. All at once Chad let go of Al's cock, dove down onto it until it was buried in his throat, and shoved his finger bbs lilitas models romanian into Al's well lubed ass. illegal nudism bbs Chad curled his finger a bit and found Al's prostrate which set off a geyser of cum into Chad's mouth. Chad just ket bobbing his head, letting little bits of cum seep out of the corners of his mouth. Chad swirled his toungue around Al's cock as his finger swirled inside of Al's ass. All Al could do was moan as it seemed every muscle in his body contracted in a wave of pleasure.Chad slowly withdrew his finger and finished sucking on Al's still twitching cock. Chad licked the last bit fo cum from Al's slit and laid back savoring the taste. AL just breathed heavily with his eyes closed.Almost at once Al was bbs photos overcome by a feeling of lust and hunger and quickly turned over shoving his face into Chad's crotch. Chad gasped as Al caught him young bbs jpg by surprise. Before Chad knew it, AL had Chad's entire 7inches down his throat with his tonguedoing an amazing job. Al's head bobbed up and down as he sucked like a mad man. teen ukrainian bbs Chad threw his head back in ecstasy. It only took moments for Al's wold blow job to send Chad over the edge, and he began pumping his load into Al's mouth. Chad expected Al to back off as teen sex bbs his load started flowing but AL only sucked harder, swalloing bbs ls board5 all that Chad had to offer. Chad came and came until he was totally depleted, but Al kept sucking and licking all porno bbs every last drop. Finally all backed off and kissed the head of Chad's dick. Al laid down between Chad's legs, with his face buried in Chad's crotch Chad leaned back resting after such a hard cum.After a little while, Al crawled up crack bbs beside Chad and snuggled bbs fuck galleries in close as Chad pulled the covers up over them. AL sighed and inhaled free girls pic bbs Chad's manly scent coming from Chad's arm pits. Chad just grinned and let his hand wander down to Al's ass, playing with it and fingering that sweet hole. Al just rested and enjoyed the feeling.
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